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VW Passat B8 Service Manual ➜ Motor compartment cover (noise insulation) “bottom”: removing and installing

Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
– To prevent damage, do not strike engine cover panel with  
the fist or a tool.  
– Position engine cover panel, paying attention to oil filler neck  
and dipstick.  
– Press engine cover panel into rubber grommets first on the  
left side and then on the right side as seen facing direction of  
Motor compartment cover (noise insu‐  
lation) “bottom”: removing and instal‐  
Sequence of operations  
The procedure of removing the engine cover panel -bottom-  
(noise insulation) can be found in Workshop Manual under:  
⇒ General body repairs, exterior; Rep. gr. 66; Noise insulation;  
Assembly overview - noise insulation.  
Engine oil level: checking  
Note the following:  
– After shutting off engine, wait at least 3 minutes so that the  
oil can flow back into the sump.  
– Pull out dipstick, wipe with a clean cloth and push dipstick in  
again to limit stop.  
– Pull dipstick out again and read oil level.  
The oil level must always be in the upper third of area -B-  
for the delivery inspection. This way, you will achieve the  
greatest possible customer satisfaction.  
The oil-change quantity in the service table was determined  
experimentally and is sufficient for the technical functionality  
of the engine in all operating conditions. During all other  
service events, the oil level must be checked and corrected  
as necessary if the customer requests this. This enables  
an additional topping-up to the specified oil quantity to the  
upper limit of the dip stick. Due to tolerances, the oil temper‐  
ature and the drip time, various quantities may be required  
for topping up.  
A - Do not top up oil.  
4. Descriptions of work  

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