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VW Passat B8 Service Manual ➜ Hybrid components: inspect for damage to high-voltage components and wires

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Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
Head-up display (HUD): removing pro‐  
tective film  
Switching on Head-up Display  
The transport mode must be switched off.  
– Press control next to light switch to switch on the Head-up  
– Carefully remove protective film on Head-up Display.  
Hybrid components: inspect for dam‐  
age to high-voltage components and  
High voltage in the hybrid vehicle's high-voltage system! Risk  
of electric shock! Before commencing any work, inspect high  
voltage components in working area. Observe the safety  
notes ⇒ 4-cyl. injection engine (hybrid); Rep. gr. 00; Safety  
♦ All work on vehicles with high-voltage system must only  
be carried out by persons who are at least qualified as  
“electrically instructed person (EIP)”.  
♦ In the event of conspicuous findings or uncertainties, con‐  
tact your responsible high-voltage technician or specialist  
Work sequence: inspect.  
When inspecting the engine compartment, note the power and  
control electronics for electric drive, as well as the control elec‐  
tronics for high-voltage cables for the battery and the air condi‐  
tioner compressor, the high-voltage cable for the hybrid module  
(electric drive motor) and the high-voltage charging socket in  
radiator grille.  
When inspecting the underbody, note the hybrid battery and the  
high-voltage cables for battery.  
Pay attention to the following during inspection:  
♦ The high-voltage components must not reveal any external  
♦ Insulation of high-voltage cables must not be defective or  
♦ Pay attention to unusual deformations of high-voltage ca‐  
Defects which are found must be immediately reported to the  
responsible high-voltage technician.  
Interior and exterior body: inspecting  
for corrosion with doors and flaps open  
Test locations  
♦ Sliding sunroof frame  
♦ Inner and outer door frame  
4. Descriptions of work  

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