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VW Passat B8 Service Manual ➜ General information

Passat 2015 ➤, Passat 2019 ➤, Passat Variant 2015 ➤, Passat Variant 2019 ➤  
Maintenance - Edition 11.2020  
General information  
General warnings for working on high-voltage system  
Raising vehicle with lifting platform or trolley jack ⇒ page 28  
Entries in service schedule ⇒ page 30  
Severe operating conditions ⇒ page 33  
Connecting vehicle diagnostic tester ⇒ page 30  
Vehicle identification number ⇒ page 31  
Vehicle data sticker ⇒ page 32  
Countries with hot climate ⇒ page 34  
Country overview for diesel not compliant with EN 590 ⇒ page  
Country overview for petrol not compliant with EN 228 ⇒ page  
Motor code and motor number ⇒ page 37  
Countries with high levels of dust ⇒ page 37  
Type plate ⇒ page 38  
Shortened intervals for spark plug replacement ⇒ page 38  
General warnings for working on high-  
voltage system  
⇒ 4-cyl. injection engine (hybrid); Rep. gr. 00; Hazard rating of  
high-voltage system  
Raising vehicle with lifting platform or  
trolley jack  
Safety notes ⇒ page 28  
Lifting points for lifting platform and trolley jack ⇒ page 29  
Safety notes:  
Before driving onto a lifting platform ensure there is sufficient  
clearance between low lying components and lifting platform.  
Before driving a vehicle onto a lifting platform it must be en‐  
sured that the vehicle weight does not exceed the permissible  
lifting capacity of the platform.  
Lift vehicle only at points indicated in figure to avoid damaging  
vehicle underbody or tipping vehicle.  
Never start engine and engage a gear with vehicle lifted as  
long as even one driven wheel has contact with the floor!  
Disregarding these warnings risks the danger of an accident!  
If work is to be performed under vehicle, the vehicle must be  
supported by suitable stands.  
3. General information  

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