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VW Passat B6 Service Manual ➜ General information on self-diagnosis

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4-cyl. injection engine (1.8 and 2.0 l engine, chain drive) - Edition 08.2018  
24 – Mixture preparation - injection  
Safety precautions and rules for  
General notes on self-diagnosis ⇒ page 459 .  
Safety precautions ⇒ page 278 .  
Comply with rules for cleanliness ⇒ page 280 .  
General information on self-diagnosis  
♦ The engine control unit has a self-diagnosis capability. Before  
carrying out repairs and for fault finding, first read event mem‐  
ory. Also the vacuum hoses and connections must be checked  
(unmetered air).  
♦ Fuel hoses in engine compartment must be secured only with  
spring-type clips. The use of crimp-type or screw-type clips is  
not permissible.  
♦ For trouble-free operation of electrical components, a voltage  
of at least 11.5 volts is necessary.  
♦ Do not use sealants containing silicone. Particles of silicone  
drawn into the engine will not be burnt in the engine and dam‐  
age the Lambda probe.  
♦ Vehicles are fitted with a crash fuel shut-off circuit. It reduces  
the danger of a fire in a crash as the fuel pump is switched off  
via the fuel pump relay.  
♦ The system also improves the starting characteristics of the  
engine. When the driver door is opened, the fuel pump is ac‐  
tivated for 2 seconds in order to build up pressure in the fuel  
system, observe safety precautions ⇒ page 278 .  
1. Safety precautions and rules for cleanliness  

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